Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Tuesday's Chile

So its Tuesday. Tobin ourr grandson is over today and has spent the day drawing in front of the TV with Scooby Doo blaring out. Then he wants to play cricket in the hall.
Visit the Doctor's surgery to see how my medication's doing (for Type 2 Diabetes) Then Bowling tonight. We're the Dragon Masters up against Game Over. Yeah we can take em!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Almost impossible to recognise that lampshade.

This is the Eden Project in Cornwall, thro the eye of a digital lens.

Strange what you can do with a teapot cover.


The day an Alien came to visit.

Round Thing.

Yep, it's that old lampshade again.

No, I don't remember how I did this.

Meshwarp of a lampshade seen in Barcelona

I do Tai Chi and Chi Gung. This is a nice illustration of the flow of Chi. Think of this in treacle!

This is the solarised image of the inner workings of a watch. Pretty freaky eh?

Psychadelic walk is ... like ...Psychadelic... you know?

Frozen Landscape, continues that "Other world "theme

This is an attempt to create something that's "Other Worldly". Yeah, think I got that!

Continuing with the image spraying, this is a modified photo of the memorial to a Knight in Mounsorrel

Corol Draw Image spraying explored