Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mini Sagas

The Clown

Alberto swings onto the waiting trapeze.
The handbar has been greased
a little, not so you'd notice.
With the next swing, Alberto launches himself into infinity.
Gina, the bareback rider cries "Oh!"
Lampoon, the clown giggles,"
Surely the greatest of my jokes."
He will be the first to comfort Gina.

The Three Bretheren

In the Church of the Three Bretheren, there was only one tomb left to fill.
Duncan MacLean, clothed in shadow, waited, ritual knife in hand.
The new priest carried the wine and the host.
A flash in the gloom, "Odin!"
Duncan's beloved church now boasts the relics of three saints.
The Mallet

In the battle, Hasrubal pulled out his chisel and placed it on the head of his elephant.
He remembered the hours playing with the young elephant,
How the jealous elephant had trampled his mistress, the dancer Salene.
He remembered the order, "If the animal is wounded, bring down the mallet!"

Thunderstorms and Neon Signs

The jukebox played Hank Williams' "Thunderstorms and Neon Signs."
Towards the Gulf of Mexico the thunderheads roared.
"Reckon it'll be here come nightfall," said Jed,
"I reckon Rosie'll need some comfort", he leered.
With the next roar I shot him in the back.
"Maybe this afternoon then," said Jed, dying.

The Girl from Ipanema

Juanita leans against her beau, the incomparable Jose.
The roar of a motorcycle and Juanita's shoulder bag is stripped from her arm.
Eduardo the dwarf swings into action, vaults two cars and lands on the thief.
Juanita and Jose laugh as Eduardo returns.
"It was nothing."
"I know," she says.

Fairy Dancing

Diana slept and her
dream brought a fairy dancing on her head, spreading fairy powder.
"You ask for a gift, I will give you mine." As she danced she left a row of footprints in her wake
Morning came, and Diana's forehead had been enhanced with a ring of pimples.

The Great Houdiana Jones

Hanging by a thread, Houdinana, the great escape artiste twisted and cavorted.
The crowd gasped and shouted "Bravo!"
First one strap then another.
It was only as he removed the straight jacket that he realised that it was the straight jacket that was attached to the thread.
"Aaaargh!" he cried.

Zen Lesson

Hari, great sage, sits under a flowering cherry.
He thinks, "This is sublime."
His student Sen, is disgusted "You are a lazy Old Man!
You said you had no time to teach me!" he scorns.
"You are correct", says Hari, "but I am a great sage, and you are not!"