Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here Beginneth..... for Type II Diabetics

Here Beginneth..... a new chapter after my old Blog.

I've gotten fed up with no one on the planet catering for all of us Type II's out ther that I've decided to start listing the problems and any ideas that might help. This is of course mainly to do with eating. Cafes and shops just do notoffer food that does not include vast, and I mean vast amounts of sugar. Its not neccessary! Some drinks can have 70percent sugar (eek!) and there seems to be aconspiracy to squeeze as much sugar as possible into cakes and pastries. Sugar isnt a vital part of our diet! Carbohydrates are, so don't assume we're all dying (literally) to stuff ourselves with it.

More on this later!

I hope to include reduced or sugar free puddings that still taste good and tell you about food that I eat that I hope is reasonable for us Type IIs